Introducing: The Gender Neutral Jewelry Brand That’s Making The News in 2022

Introducing: The Gender Neutral Jewelry Brand That’s Making The News in 2022

All that glitters is not gold...which is a good thing. In fact, it could be something much better. The jewelry industry has been solidified in its trends and processes for years, creating based on the same styles, cuts, and gender roles that each piece was designed to appeal to. This has since created an uncomfortable dissonance thanks to the more genderfluid nuance that began to become popular as the 2020s launched, which continues to redefine new planes of design and specialty in fashion. Ilene & Co. has established itself as one of the main changemakers in the jewelry industry, continuing to go above and beyond for those in every area of the gender spectrum—leaving you with pieces that amaze, fit seamlessly and compliment every outfit change. Read on to learn how Ilene & Co., is making a change in the 2022 jewelry trends and market as a whole.


Jewelry trends and gender: A review from past to present

Jewelry has never been one size fits all. In fact, it’s been used to make a personal statement for millennia, worn by everyone across classes, races, and genders. For many, it’s not just an accessory to enjoy…rather, it’s something of great cultural, emotional, and sentimental value. Brands have been making it a point to celebrate this, creating flawless templates and methods to deliver quality goods to the masses. The problem? The templates were limiting.

Ilene & Co. knew that it was time to lean into and begin to make a change starting from within…which soon led to a paradigm market shift that would change the industry.


What is Ilene & Co. doing to make a [larger] space for gender-neutral jewelry?


Conscientiousness is at the heart of every design that Ilene & Co. curates, making way for greater community impact and individual growth. Every piece is made to help the wearer feel more confident, true, and natural: allowing them to ascend to a higher level of self. Founder Ilene was able to do this for herself as she navigated her own experiences in the post-pandemic reality that she found herself in.  

What sets Ilene & Co. apart from other large-scale jewelry brands is its intimate familiarity in the “gray” zone. The undefined. The intangible yet altogether consuming. Ilene walked through the COVID-19 crisis as an investment banking analyst, looking for success amid uncertainty, burnout, and insecurity within herself at her core. As she began to rebuild her brand, her confidence, and budding jewelry business, the story of success soon began to weave through every layer of her efforts — speaking to people in a way that they’d never heard before.

Jewelry, Ilene saw,  had to be made into something more. Rather than a simple accessory, Ilene noticed that it could be transformed to suit the needs of a dynamic and continuously evolving population…even having within it the ability to become the ultimate outward expression of self-love. In a distraught and completely overwhelmed group of people coming off of a two-year pandemic crisis, the timing couldn’t have been better for launch.

As the pieces came into being, Ilene wanted to focus on the fluidity and unique beauty that humans naturally held within themselves: surpassing all gender norms and expectations. Because of this, all pieces are designed with this in mind. On the Ilene and Co. site, you can expect to find classic, gorgeous, and minimalistically-designed pieces, honoring the inherent beauty and ambiguity of the human experience. The brand continues to walk (and redefine) the fine line between the known, the comfortable, and the unexplored: and it absolutely thrives in that position.

Beyond its focus on fluidity and the person behind the gender, Ilene ensured that her brand emphasized the importance of conscious trends. Speaking to the core issue of “fast fashion” that has been plaguing the industry amid the rise of social platforms and FOMO, Ilene & Co. curates conscious trend pieces that are designed for repurposed use and capsule wear. You don’t have to choose between on-brand and sustainable inventory with Ilene & Co.


Gender-neutral jewelry from Ilene & Co.



See entire album here by Hallie Kathryn Photography.

Ilene & Co. is proud to honor women, men, nonbinary individuals, and those who don’t identify with an identification yet (or at all!) At Ilene & Co., we believe that success and growth must be found in areas yet explored or those that are unfamiliar to our own experiences. Because of this, we wanted to amplify the untold stories of struggle, resolution, and success that are all woven into the overall human experience. Wearers can do that with jewelry designs of their choice, selecting from Ilene & Co.’s wide variety of earrings, necklaces, rings, and more—gold and silver plated on body-safe sterling silver, stainless, and brass. Wearers can also purchase confidently, as every piece is designed to be hypoallergenic, tarnish-resistant, and water-safe for daily and consistent wear.

Ilene & Co. is designed to be accessible for those who are looking for sustainably sourced jewelry on a budget. Because of this, pieces range from $40-$100 USD, which allows the brand to participate in initiatives such as the Global Fund for Women and One Tree Planted.


How to find gender-neutral jewelry with Ilene & Co.


Are you looking to connect with your next wardrobe piece? The team at Ilene & Co. makes it simple! All of our cataloged pieces are body safe, plated with silver or gold over hypoallergenic metal options for daily use. You’ll enjoy our timeless and classic designs that suit your trend of choice effortlessly, instantly upgrading your everyday wardrobe or special event outfit. For more information about your gender-neutral jewelry pieces, we invite you to visit our website today. You can purchase your favorites, shop the catalog, and more! Let us know what you’re most excited for below at Ilene & Co’s next launch. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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